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Some of John Daltons original chemical symbols from his book

Welcome to Manchester Science Places an audio tour of scientific sites in Manchester


    • Follow the history of Manchester's scientists and engineers by visiting the places where they worked and which they created.

    • See Manchester from the perspective of John Dalton, the 19th Century scientist who is credited with the discovery of atomic theory.

    • Explore the places and people which made Manchester the scientific city it is today.



Painting of John Dalton considering thoughtfullyThe tour starts at the Central Library in St Peters Square, and finishes at the Museum of Science and Industry, a walk of around 1.5 miles, which can be completed in around an hour and a half. The walk can also be taken as a circular walk of a mile. You can download to tour to your mp3 player or phone, and a downloadable map accompanies the tour.


If you don't have the opportunity to visit Manchester this autumn, you can read about the places visited on the web site and listen online to key parts of the tour whilst browsing the interactive map.

The Manchester Science Places walk has been developed as part of the Manchester Science Festival.


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